Timey Wimey Team

One of my biggest problems with my writing over the years is a lack of perspective.  I rush to finish and don't get enough feedback.  So, I'm doing the opposite for "Doctor-The-Who."  I've gathered a collection of fellow writers, artists, Whovians and NON-Whovians to be my Timey Wimey Team.  In a short time, I'll have a draft of the book done and I'll send it out to this group to give me feedback.   These are my editors.  They have a tough job, weeding through a draft with half-finished art and probably a hundred grammar mistakes.  But I thank them for this and look forward to hearing "I don't get it."


Format Update

A bit ago, I decided to make this story a series (most likely a trilogy) of books so I could make the book (especially the first) "shorter."  Now I've found that my word count per page is too high and after reformatting my text size accordingly ... the book is STILL going to be longer than expected.  But, hopefully my Timey Wimey Team will come up with some good edits and I'll trim it down.


Got interviewed by "World Builders" podcast where I talk a bit about the book.


Some Color ...

After finishing my commissions while at Terrificon, I took out the Copics and went to work on this.  I think I've decided to color the book this way (as opposed to digital) and then clean up digitally.

This is the planet Metakol from the chapter: "MMMMM".

Art dump!

I wanted to throw out a bunch of the rough art I've been working on, so here it is ...

MMMMM Table Rough.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 1 23 26 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 15, 1 23 46 PM.jpg
Rubble of MMMMM Rough.jpg


Here's my rough Doctor-The-Who TARDIS!  I'm trying to make it as familiar as possible.  Where it'll end up standing out is the coloring (when you see it, you'll know what I mean)


First Post.

So I've turned this page into a blog because I think that'll be more useful for folks interested in learning about the book.  

I'll have posts about the current state of the book and behind-the-scenes art and notes.

Come back and visit often!

-Scott Wauchope