Episode 2 is available!

Episode 2: The Man with a Million Minds is available now to purchase! Order Here!

Concept Art Collection

Here’s a Gallery of a bunch of the original rough art and concept art from the first book!

The TARDIS Table ...

So, in order to help spread the word about the book, I’ve begun hosting the TARDIS Table. If you’re interested in checking out some more of my Doctor Who Art and also art donated by others to the cause, please visit. And all proceeds go to Epilepsy Foundation!

Order now!

The first of the Doctor-The-Who books is available on the TARDIS Table Etsy store. Remember, all proceeds go to Epilepsy Foundation!

It’s here!!!

First printing is in my hand and ready for it’s first Comic Con.  I’ll have an online ordering form soon (and a whole new site for the book!)



And it's off to the PRINTERS!

So, it's finally done.  After a lot of configuring and last-minute editing, I've sent "Episode 1" off to the printers (https://xpress.lulu.com/) and hope that I'll be happy with the results.  

I should get it just in time to bring to my first "TARDIS Table" at Vermont Comic Con, September 16th-17th.

Crossing my fingers!

About the samples ...

If anyone is looking for the samples I posted, I've taken them down, as there were a lot of changes made in the final edit.  I'll create an official webpage for the book eventually, which will include at least, the opening chapter of the book.

Built my very own 3D TARDIS

So, I decided to help myself by creating a 3D TARDIS in Sketchup that I could use as a reference whenever I liked.  In the Sketchup warehouse, many others had already built a TARDIS I could have used ... but, where's the fun in that!


TARDIS reveal is coming along ...

After a couple months of designing my own version of a TARDIS interior via Google Sketchup, I’m finally on to drafting the big Tardis reveal with the added illustrations.  


Different format ...

So, I’ve decided to change the format of the books to short three chapter “episodes” that I’ll publish regularly.  When I finish the inital run, I’ll put them all together into a collector’s edition.  This will allow me to keep producing without long gaps between the books and also make it easier for people to initially “digest”.  This means I should have the first “Episode” done by the end of August and ready to premier and Vertmont Comicon.  

Behind ...

Been behind the past few weeks.  Been working on building a “Train Room” for my son for his birthday.  And as I know nothing about carpentry, building a huge table that can fit multiple model and lego trains is taking me longer than I thought. AND my computer crashed.  Literally, my boys through a bean bag and it cracked my screen.  Anyway, got a new computer the other day, reformatted my Photoshop and I should have chapter 2 still done by the end of next week.  Here’s a preview pic for Chapter 3! 


Some more art!

Somr more original art (uncolored).  First chapter will be available to read online SOON!


The Doctor is here! 


The Phoboforian is revealed! 

The Phoboforian is revealed! 

Come back soon! 

Some finished art.

After a much needed break, I jump right back into it.  Here’s some fun time-lapse of me working on the aft for the page in which the TARDIS appears (click the link). And then here’s the finished product colored the style I’ll be using in the book. 




Time-Wimey Team Engaged!

So I’ve created a FB group of the people are reviewing my book.  They’re all getting a PDF of the book and filling out a survey for me.  That means I can’t TOUCH the manuscript for a month (that’s gonna be hard)!  I will, however keep working on art. 


Draft 3.0 review

Printed Draft 3.0 last night for my wife/1st round editor, Cheryl to review.  As she does that I'll keep working on the art for Draft 3.1.