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Rhode Island Comic Con

RICC has grown even faster than Boston for how many years it has been going on.  It has always been a very successful show for me and about half of my "fanbase" come to see me at this show.  Although artist alley isn't what is used to be and the celebrity-heavy nature of the show has gotten VERY heavy, I plan on continuing to do this show as long as I can.  Not only is it successful for me ... it's thirty minutes from my home.  It's also nice to have a show that has a few months separation from all my other shows.

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to Oct 22

Super Megafest Comic-con

I've always enjoyed this show.  It stays pretty busy, but if I have someone with me, I'll get up and get a few signatures.  This is a great show to meet celebrities.  I had a nice visit with John Wesley Shipp at a previous Super Megafest and he signed my Flash Print.  Very nice guy.

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to Aug 27

Vermont Comic Con

This is one of my all time favorite conventions.  Not only is it very successful for me, but I have grown a small following of people who visit me every year and always ask for a commission or two!  It's also a nice hotel and works as a "relaxing" end to a long summer of shows!

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to Aug 20


This will be my first year at Terrificon.  I've heard a lot of great things about this show and have always wanted to be part of it.  In years past, I couldn't bring myself to have so many shows in one month and Boston and VTComicon were always "must-dos".  But ... this year I said to heck with having a relaxing August and signed up.  Looking forward to being at Mohegan Sun!  

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to Aug 13

Boston Comic Con

My first ever time getting my own artist alley table was at Boston Comicon 2012!  Since then I've made sure to attend every year (it helps that it's my home town!)  It has grown exponentially in the past couple of years (for better or worse) and I hope that this show remains viable for artists like myself to keep attending.  This is also the beginning of my August rush with three big shows in a row!

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Plastic City Comic Con

This will be the second Plastic City and the first was a ROUSING success!  Everyone, from the artists and vendors to the crowds agreed it was a great show, especially for it's first year!  We're all looking forward to it being even bigger this year as it will be in a bigger venue!

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Northeast Comic Con (Spring)


This convention was a lot of fun.  It was held at the Hanover Mall, my mall of choice growing up).  The space was an old department store and had the same setup, including partitions and best of all, a changing room.  That changing room happened to be in my corner and so I was able to let my two son's play in their while I sat a the table.  I also had gobs of room to display my prints along the wall behind me.  I was also set up right next to the stage where they had the celebrity interview, including the interview with Adam West!

Overall, a fun show.  They also have a second show in the summer, which I'm unfortunately unable to attend.  However, I look forward to doing it again in 2018.

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